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Work and Play

Earning a living often meant working outside Foxley where the work could be found, in places like Bulmers Cider factory in Hereford or St Mary's Mental Hospital in nearby Burghill village. Wages were supplemented by whatever means possible - in ZP's case he sold photos in order to fund his hobby.

ZP worked first at Bulmers and then at St Mary's (where he got a new name "Mike" because his own was a mouthful):

Image: Sign to St Mary's mental hospital

Image: St Mary's Mental Hospital

He was proud when he got his white coat after becoming a State Registered Nurse for Mental Health (he later taught psychiatric nursing at St Mary's and other hospitals). His transition from "blue collar" work to "white collar" work was fairly typical of the Foxley camp residents.

Image: ZP in his medical white coat

Nursing colleagues:

Image: Male hospital colleagues

Image: Female medical colleagues

Image: Two more

Work had its own social life:

Image: Tug-of-war

If you could do something yourself it saved money (like haircuts):

Image: Haircut

Families would have their picture taken, defraying the cost of his photographic hobby:

Image: Proud parents and son

Image: Young ladies

Image: Sunday best

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