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Marriage and children

Life was difficult for many people immediately after World War Two, but particularly for those who had been forced out of their homeland and had to learn a new language, earn a living, build a home.

Attending other people's weddings...

Image: wedding

...soon got people asking about your own (this one was held in Weobley as the Foxley chapel was not registered for such ceremonies)...

Image: Weobley wedding car

Glamorous girls became wives

Image: Jadwiga

...which led to a baby...

Image: baby

One baby was a handful...

Image: site author being fed apple puree

...let alone more babies...

Image: family

...and some mothers still managed to stay glamorous

Image: Greta Garbo was showing at cinemas

Sometimes an older child would look after a younger one

Image: Looking after baby brother by the bins

Children played together

Image: Peering through flowers with Stasia

A birthday party.

Image: kids' parties

Often children were "minded" by an older boy

Image: Minder and kids

Sometimes a rich relative would donate a children's toy (as in this rocking horse)

Image: Rocking horse

Some children left the camp early on when their parents emigrated (the lad on the left here went to America)

Image: Friends

Children were often very happy

Image: Smiling girls

...although sometimes there was reason to cry

Image: Crying

Children often had "formal" photos taken at certain ages

Image: Peter and Elizabeth

Children played with anything to hand - a steering wheel...

Image: Playing with a steering wheel

...or with ants on the concrete path...

Image: chasing ants

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