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The nearest hamlet was Mansel Lacy with its pretty post office (complete with dovecote). Also nearby was Yazor (with its spired church):

Image: Yazor church

Foxley valley, with its small stream and rolling hills, was a source of extra food - mushrooms, sorrel, horseradish and berries were plentiful - vital for a community still managing on war rations. It was also a paradise for children.

Fallen timber was often sawn up and used in the barrack stoves.

Image: wood sawing

Food had to be searched for carefully:

Image: shopping basket investigation

Children played safely in the woods:

Image: woods and stream

Walks were favourite pastimes for all ages, whether young...

Image: children playing

...or older...

Image: walks

...or mixed ages (Zbigniew wearing one of his cameras)...

Image: ZP and family


Image: Perambulating!

...whatever the weather, in snow...

Image: Catching the bus in the snow

...(and there was a lot of snow in those days)...

Image: Posing in the snow

...or having picnics in hot sunshine.

Image: picnic in the sun

Camp residents often posed for photos on the "bendy tree":

Image: "Bendy" tree

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