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Camp barracks

The barracks were one storey military barracks divided into living accommodation of kitchen, 2 bedrooms, sitting room and toilet. The walls were of large hollow single blocks (often painted by occupants to show the joins - see photos). The ceiling was the roof. The barracks were arranged in lines up the valley running from nearby Mansel Lacy to Yazor.

The photo shows barracks in the background:

Image: Children play by barracks

Each contained a stove with a chimney pipe running up to the roof:

Image: camp stove in each barrack

Occupants often built a porch...

Image: Outside a typical barrack with added porch

...cultivated small garden plots...

Image: Inspecting a camp garden

...supplemented by the odd goat...

Image: Goat

...or chickens kept in coops (as in the background here):

Image: Children by a chicken run

Wealthier camp residents saved up for a car...

Image: One of the first cars in the camp

...and many made use of herring barrels after eating the contents!

Image: PLaying with a herring barrel

Tin tubs were used for bathing kids (the tub is on an old ammunition box, the kettle on the stove)

Image: bathtime in a tub

Image: bath tub on ammunition box

As residents left Foxley, barracks were rented out to other needy people (e.g. Irish families) or simply demolished.

Image: Barrack ruins

Blocks of barracks were connected with covered corridors, often with walls going half way or right up to the corridor roof

Image: Posing by the barrack corridors

Each barrack living unit had a coal bunker by the front door...

Image: Posing by the coal bunker!

...and small gardens between barracks (the Manor is in the background).

Image: Chatting in the garden (Manor in distance)

Details of the barrack construction and layout can be seen in some photos

Image: Prams in front of barracks

Image: Two in a pram - barracks behind

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