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Image: Icicles on parade (ZP on right)

In memoriam: Zbigniew ("Mike") Pawlowicz (1922-2004)

After World War Two, in 1946, a DP camp was set up for demobilised Polish military personnel in Foxley, Herefordshire, United Kingdom. The barracks had previously served as a US/Canadian air force hospital camp during the war. The camp was home to these former allies of US and British forces - displaced Poles, who were trained and got jobs, often got married, and many of whom started families. The camp was eventually closed down and demolished in 1958.

Zbigniew Pawlowicz is shown above right "on parade" with icicles, in the hard winter of 1946-47. He photographed people and events in the camp and is remembered for his sense of humour, his photography and his jazz trumpet, and later on for his teaching of psychiatric nursing. His photographic vignettes record a little known chapter in the history of the UK. He died in June 2004. His photographic collection (thousands of prints and negatives) is being sorted and archived by me, his eldest son, with the aim of setting up this site in his memory.
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'Worlds Apart' - a novel

Life in Foxley Camp and other similar post-war camps in the UK is evoked in the novel "Worlds Apart" - this is now available at the link below. It is also available from online retailers like Amazon and from bookshops. For more information about the historical background to "Worlds Apart", go to www.henrypavlovich.com

Image: Cover of 'Worlds Apart'

Click here to find out more about "Worlds Apart"

To contact me, type an "@" sign between henrykpawlowicz and gmail.com.

Kresy-Siberia website

For those who wish to do more research on the inhabitants of such DP camps or how they came to be in them, there is a very informative website with an active members forum called Kresy-Siberia (please google it).

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